About us


About Us

Neuron English is an educational program which proposes an innovative method of English language learning.  Our starting premise, transformed in our vision, is that anyone can learn and speak English like a native. That is why we wish that in the next 10 years we could become the most important partner in learning English for children, young people and adults at European level, with a presence of at least 50 centres and a minimum of 20,000 students. 

International network

The results of centres which use FastForWord and Reading Assistant products are spectacular: through the classic system of learning a foreign language, students can improve their reading skills in a period of time ranging from one to two years, yet by using the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant products they can get faster reading results in just 6 months! 

"Our mission is to prepare today’s students to become cosmopolitan people, who can easily integrate in an international environment"


Our vision

We would like to be perceived by families as the most important partner in learning English, in preparing and developing life skills in the present and the future.


Our values

Integrity - Our work is based on trust, mutual respect, transparent transactions and honest communication both inside the team as well as with clients and collaborators.

Passionate commitment - All members of our team have the responsibility of keeping their word to their clients, colleagues and themselves. This is where our loyalty towards our children, our organization and our team stems from.  

Support - as a team and an organization we strive to help each other, so that our company, our clients and consumers can grow and improve. We use empathy, honesty and warmth to help one another and to reach our goals

Collaboration and team work – Our common cause is children’s education in the spirit of Neuron English School’s philosophy and the delight of our clients

Fun – We like to work with one another as a team, we like to interact with children and parents of our centre. We like going to work at Neuron English School