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Add value to your clients and school by developing an innovative and sustainable business line  

Each year, at a global level, companies which activate in the field of foreign language courses generate a turnover of over 50 billion Euro, and this trend is on the rise. In Europe, the latest studies indicate a market estimated at 1,6 billion million Euro, with English holding 70% of the market demand! If you wish to make a change in your life and the life of your community, then Neuron English is an opportunity worth considering.

Neuron English is part of a large network of English language teaching, which uses innovative educational programs. The network is available throughout the world, offering a blended-learning type of education for children, young people and adults. In Europe, we are already present in Czech Republic, France, Romania, Slovakia and  Spain.

If you want your school to benefit from the Neuron English programs or if you are planning to develop your own educational center, please fill in the following form:

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The demo offers an access account as a manager in the Neuron English platform in order to test its applications and resources.

Why Neuron English?

Mihaela Geicu,

Partner Neuron English Arad

"We have implemented accelerate English learning program Neuron English in Arad, for longer than a year. I can say that it is an innovative tool in this market of learning languages and its secret lies in ability to provide English language practice, daily.

The parents who enrolled their children to Arad English center, understood the way of working and the mark of some of the most famous neuroscientists in developing this unique type of program.

Currently, there are children who are able to speak English at a conversational level, even if they are only 7-8 years old. The real extraordinary part of all this, is the fact that they can continue to improve their performance in English by the time they reach 16 – the ACT level for UK. The high efficiency of the program makes me recommend it without any hesitation."

Embrace Neuron English - learn English naturally, efficiently, like a native-speaker

A flexible and effective management of classes

The Myscilearn platform allows the creation of groups by age and skill level, providing tasks and tests for students.

Monitoring results and live feedback

In the Results section of the Myscilearn platform, teachers can monitor children’s progress can identify difficulties and subsequently they receive instructions on how to help them effectively.

A resource centre and an interactive platform for teachers and managers

The platform comprises a resource centre with learning intervention tools, support materials and personal development training for teachers and managers.

Access to the complete system of business construction

Neuron English offers a complete system of business construction which provides benefits for all the parties involved in the educational process ( children, parents, teachers and management).

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What do parents say about Neuron English?

How do children speak?

In conclusion, Neuron English can mean:

A great business opportunity, with a market of over 1 billion Euro in Europe.

An innovative program which is part of a growing network at an international level.

A business which is easy to start, does not require big investments and which can generate a substantial profit.

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