Reading Assistant

An unparalleled reading support– Reading Assistant

Reading Assistant is a reading assistant program based on complex scientific data, which combines advanced technology of speech recognition with the most recent reading methods, in order to help children develop diction and fluent speech.


Reading Assistant implies that a virtual teacher „is listening” to a student when he reads aloud, monitoring the entire process in order to identify the reading difficulties and errors the student faces. Thus, the program intervenes with assistance when the student is challenged by a word. 

Moreover, the program automatically calculates both the correct and incorrect words per minute. Each educator knows that students must benefit from extra reading practice, especially when this process is combined with immediate feedback from a teacher.

This program comes to support students in their attempt to learn on their own, without a teacher, through the fact that it allows them to correct themselves when they read aloud. Also, time can be saved for teachers by automatically calculating correct words per minute (WCPM), rapid feed-back and immediate access to correction.

The program aims to keep students motivated and focused on reading through the fact that they can have access anytime and anywhere to the software. The reading assistant program makes the software easy to implement both in school and at home.

Students who use the Reading Assistant program can improve their reading skills on their own with up to 50% more than students who get instructions in class at the same time. 

When a student has difficulties in reading a word, the Reading Assistant offers a visual indication of the word. In case the students do not correct themselves, the software intervenes by pronouncing the word.  

Students can see their own progress and can monitor their own improvement in reading.



Reading Assistant is a revolutionary program, which uses advanced voice recognition technology in order to help students develop their reading skills and fluent communication in English. This program functions as a genuine private teacher, with the role of guiding and correcting pronunciation errors. The Reading Assistant program is available any time of day for as long as you need it.

The program goes through the following steps

  • Previsualising and reading a book (online) in silence
  • Listening to model reading
  • Starting assisted reading  
  • Automatic count of words recorded per minute (WCPM)
  • Recording  students before and after practising reading and comparing results
  • Recording pronunciation errors and reporting them at the end in order to be practised  
  • Recording text comprehension errors and reporting them at the end in order to be practised
  • Recording progress
  • In order to use it you only need a computer with a good Internet connection and a set of earphones.

For more information about the benefits of the Reading Assistant program, watch the following tutorial or contact us by telephone at 0728 18 18 88